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Remember how Teen Titans had a lesson about Racism without blatantly bringing Cyborg’s Race into it?

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Finally made it out of there. Ugh. I’m so hungry.


do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

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  • Parents: be yourself
  • Me: -is self-
  • Parents: wait no

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It’s 7:30am and I don’t want to be awake and I really don’t want to go to the SS office. I wanna be in my warm bed and not wait outside in 30 degreeF morning air just to sit in a waiting room for god only knows how long with no cell reception.

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i think it would be neat if netflix doubled as a dating site like “here are 9 other singles in your area that watched supernatural for 12 straight hours”

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Stacia, actually.

Stacia - Genderfluid - INFJ
Cosplayer - Taurus - Loser

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